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Our Approach

At Sullivan and Schlieman Wealth Management, LLC we are committed to establishing a sound financial plan for each client that exceeds client expectations. By building lifelong partnerships with clients and taking a holistic approach with each relationship, we are able to maintain a plan that will pursue their goals for the future. That process begins with the client: the needs and aspirations of each client are the driving force behind all of the recommendations that we make. Our success in each of our client relationships is measured not only by performance statistics but by the client’s attainment of life goals.

Every relationship begins with a comprehensive financial, estate, and income plan. Once a plan is established and agreed upon by all parties involved, we present recommendations that address the goals set out by the client. From there, we provide close management of the implemented strategies, coupled with consistent communication with the client.

Comprehensive Planning

The first step with a new client is discovery.  Through this process, we learn as much as possible about the client, which includes not only current circumstances but also goals for the future.

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Portfolio Construction & Management

One of the key topics that we discuss in the presentation of a financial plan is the construction and management of the client’s portfolio.

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Consistent Communication

Communication is a key component to any good relationship.  It is through communication that collaboration and cooperation occur. At Sullivan and Schlieman, we place great value on consistent communication with our client base.

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